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November 2010, Ratios of Carbs/Protein and Eating Paleo

December 3, 2010 Read Your Labels

December 10, 2010 Do You Need An Oil Change?

January 6, 2011 What to Stock the Pantry With

January 25, 2011 Importance of Sleep and Rest

April 12, 2011 Traveling and Eating Paleo, Do they Mix?

April 27, 2011 Treat or Cheat?

May 14, 2011 Reflections on Paleo Results

June 16, 2011 Dirty Dozen List

August 15, 2011 Carbs and Paleo

December 28, 2011 After the Holidays and New Years Resolutions to Avoid Sugar

January 31, 2012 Oh How I LOVE Kombucha!

February 5, 2012 Part 1: What is Kombucha and what do I need to start making my own?


February 18, 2012 Importance of Epsom Salt Baths

March 19, 2012 It's Spring and Time for a Fresh Start..Focusing on Health and Recovery

April 30, 2012 My thoughts, an update on my health

May 11, 2012, Mother's Day thoughts and some dessert ideas

May 28,2012, Musings on Memorial day-Involving your kids in the kitchen more etc.

June 13, 2012, Budget Tip For Making Your Own Laundry Detergent

June 17, 2012 A Tribute To My Dad On Father's Day

June 24, 2012, How To Make Your Own Almond Meal and Almond Butter Pin It

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